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Thursday, July 05, 2018

The silent scandal: Children behind closed doors

The plight of children whose parents entered the country illegally has been broadcast daily, and continually, through new stories, blogs and tweets. Pictures of those crying children have seared into our hearts and generated a response from thousands of Americans. One online funding campaign, launched by a couple in Silicon Valley to provide $1,500 to unite one immigrant mother and daughter, garnered more $20 million from 300,000 donors within just several days. 

Yet, far from the media spotlight and headlines, for decades, hundreds of thousands of American children have been suffering without anyone’s notice behind closed doors. Within the massive bureaucracy of the nation’s foster care system, many youths spend their entire childhood without experiencing the stability and security of a “forever family.” On any given day, more than 400,000 children and youths are in the system.

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