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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

System-Suckology: The High Profile Child Abuse Case and the Simple Minded Sheep

This is an extremely important article that I just came across.  One that almost accurately describes the heard like behavior of the idiot sheep simple minded normal people who watch too much TV News which is currently fixated on on a small number of high profile child abuse cases around the New York City area.
The average caseload was 9.2 per worker earlier this year, below the target of 12 at the city's Administration for Children's Services, according to the Daily News of New York ( ). But after Zymere Perkins' death in September, (a high profile child abuse case) it rose to more than 13.8, largely because of an increase in calls of suspected abuse and neglect. The agency hired 600 new caseworkers last year, but child welfare workers told the newspaper that many are leaving because the job is overwhelming and stressful. 
More >> NYC child welfare worker caseloads increase after deaths 
You see folks, the normal people get their whole education about child welfare from watching TV or reading sensational news stories in the local papers. When the Local News Media takes off with such horrific stories, the normal people tend to have their hearts and minds moved in such a way that they start seeing potential cases of child abuse everywhere.  They become so concerned for the well being of other peoples children that they pick up the phone and call without hesitation.

It's an interesting phenomenon really.  These simple minded normal people become psychologically conditioned to to think of only such horrific cases of child abuse so that when they hear the words "child abuse or neglect" sickening images of only the worst of the worst cases pops into their heads.  Differences in severity, such as the difference between a minor spanking and a sicko who rapes and beats an infant to within an inch of her life become totally non existent to them.  All parents become monsters.  Therefore, oh my god every kid is going to die so everybody needs to call CPS right away.
"We recognize that caseloads rise temporarily following high-profile cases, and averages fluctuate at various times throughout the year, which is why our continued focus remains building on the 600 workers we've recently hired," acting Commissioner Eric Brettschneider said.
It is right that society be disgusted by severe child abuse cases.  We wouldn't be civilized if we allowed these cases to go unpunished.  That said, it is a shame that when it does happen, the number of unwarranted calls to the hotline increase drastically.  As a consequence, Social Workers end up chasing shadows and burying themselves in the paperwork it comes with, while the real child abuse cases just slip through the cracks.

Another consequence is that CPS becomes, perceptually speaking, an utter mess in need of tons of money to hire more workers and provide more training, and bla bla bla and this and that, ie. "600 newly hired workers."  The states legislature typically falls for it and pumps more money into the system to "fix" it.  Therefore CPS is able to use the high profile child abuse case as a growth opportunity when it should be an opportunity to throw them all out and start over.  In fact, the simple minded normal people mentioned above will demand it of them.  

These people who become so quick to call the Child Abuse Hotline following high profile child abuse cases are a major part of the problem that doesn't get nearly enough credit.  Sadly, most of them don't know any better because until you experience a CPS worker crawling up your ass, it is impossible for you to see the light.

I could go on about this subject for hours.  I'm just not going to as I've already given you enough to chew on.

Peace Love and Flowers

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