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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Coffee County - Child Removal Video


  1. See this sad the removal is mentally harmfull i hope trump sees this

  2. Spead to President trump this is what. Mothers see every time for tratment is unfair to tje child its scarry mentally harming how dose this help. A child removal like this if parent is being blamed for same type of problems these workers trat humans as a type of plague they say the children crying has been abused but the kids want crying before they start removing them this is an outrage this is what happens when the state gets involved and seen it is there believe is not harmful it's helping the child but the child was going to be left with this memory of the type of remove lip piercing care is uncalled for why do we cause the pain and suffering to the child in the parent and this video the workers are not listening to the parents to keep them calm and tell them that we're going to get you help we're going to make things right now they're treating them as if they're not even hearing the crying of the child I remember when I was a young girl and some things that have happened to me cause me to go through arguments from my parents and us being removed and separated because of arguments but we were not with strangers and that lingers on 40 years later the stress the fear still with questions cause me so much pain how come this is not being seen as what the performance that's happening in this video from strangers causing long-term effects and mentally having the child stupidity is what wrong doesn't underline unanswered question on the way that this formed if the family is done children wrong and why aren't the families being helped or removed in the children put with the next of kin

  3. See this sad the removal is mentally harmfull i hope trump sees this


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