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Sunday, December 11, 2016

You don't need a brain in order to be a CPS agent, you just need to fall for their recruitment propaganda

Since I've been doing this blog I've seen lots and lots of bullshit.  This however, takes the cake.

Here I present to you a CPS Worker recruitment video from New York City's Administration for Children's Services.  Pay close attention to how great they make it sound.

They obviously aren't looking for anybody with any understanding of child welfare and how it works. Nope, they're trying to recruit the clueless.  Probably because the clueless are the ones dumb enough to get suckered into this mess.

A quote from this video...
"Once you knock on that door and you show that family that respect, they tend to open their doors and open their arms and welcome you."

In nearly 10 years of working on Legally Kidnapped, I have yet to hear from one parent who likes their CPS Worker.  A parent may suck up to the workers face but when they are gone it's a whole different story.  It is also important to note that new CPS Agents can drag out your case as ever changing caseworkers have to get to know you all over again.

There is also evidence to support the argument that these people are full of shit.  For example, here's an article from just a couple months ago from the New York Post...
The heavy grind is contributing to high turnover in the already problem-plagued agency. Nearly one-quarter of the caseworkers have less than a year’s experience at any given time, the report said. 
“The work can be very stressful and is not highly paid,” the ­report notes. 
Low pay, heavy caseloads causing an exodus of child-welfare workers

And here's another from the Daily News which talks about New York City CPS dropping the ball...
ACS boss is MIA: From Myls Dobson to Zymere Perkins, child abuse caseloads continue to rise under her watch
New York City's CPS agency is also being sued in federal court for failing the kids in their care, partially due to the shortage of workers...  
Why NYC's Foster Care System is Failing Children
So as you can see, they're desperate and will probably take anybody.  

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