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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Forgotten Children: CPS says hands are tied after adoptions

After seven children with special needs were removed from horrific conditions in a Richmond home, we wondered why no one knew what was going on behind closed doors.

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  1. Does anyone know how the company Save the children which appears on sights concerning our children, get their photos of the children? Who gives them to this company? I hope someone can help me with this. Because I recently saw two of my Grandchildren that were kidnapped by Reno Nevada's CPS corporation. My Grandchildren should NOT be shown in these ads, it's exploitation, and the case concerning them is still open. I believe this is wrong and illegal, any help please. Thank You A very concerned Grandma. You should know Nevada is extremely dangerous for everyone who has children. CPS seems more manipulative than most states I see listed. Simply because I see ZERO reports listed from Nevada and yet there are numerous families throughout our state that are being drag through the alleged legal court system, and the public defenders office is a complete joke, they are in co-hoots with the D.A.'s office which is in the back pocket of the CPS people, as well as the judges. The judges here accept bribes, who ever can pay them the higher amounts to take their case, is who the judges side with, and CPS, thanks to the Federal and State governments, have unlimited funds, so guess who wins. I just wanted to let everyone know about Nevada, somethings wrong when this abuse of our legal system is going on and our children are being stollen here, and nothing is being said. We all need help, I pray for our children to come home and CPS is completely shut down, for good.


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