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Monday, August 08, 2016

Woman gives up fight to adopt niece

A Cameroonian woman who spent the last two years in the United States fighting in the Allegheny County court system to adopt her niece will head back to her home next week alone.

Catherine Gana was unsuccessful in her efforts to adopt the 6-year-old girl who has spent the last four years in foster care with a woman in Penn Hills.

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  1. Why can't she have custody. Why is her neice in the Foster system. This is the problem keeping children from blood relatives.

  2. Why does the Foster system keep these children from blood relatives. It's not fair the state keeps on earning money when these children have loving families who want them. This is a huge problem where Parents have committed suicide over. Our children shouldn't be used as a way for these States Judhes zLawyers State workers to earn money. They left myself in poverty homeless my 3 boys suffer from PTSD daily unable to get proper justice when they became victims. All due to myself having a DYfs but I never did anything wrong. The school system broke laws and are still doing it now.


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