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Friday, August 12, 2016

Mississippi took their kids away — But DHS doesn't want to take your children

This is interesting...

In my news feeds this morning I come across two articles back to back from the same news source.  The first is about an unwarranted child removal in Mississippi.
After a closed-door Youth Court hearing, a child-services caseworker arrives at the home of Jennifer and Scott Berry, walks in and begins waving around a court order that empowers her to take the couple’s five children into DHS custody. 
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The second was a bullshit human interest piece trying to make the workers look like heroes.
Editor’s note: Hancock County’s Department of Human Services staffers watched in silence as the agency’s reputation was sullied by a series of negative stories about employees, but they have been unable to defend themselves. Social workers had to watch in “painful silence” as news reports detailed allegations of forgery and a county task force elicited dozens of complaints about the agency’s practices. In a rare move, the agency allowed the Sun Herald to talk to one of the Hancock DHS social workers and her regional director to help the public understand what their job entails.
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The first article contained the following paragraph.
About 78.3 percent of all reports of child maltreatment DHS investigates are ultimately deemed unsubstantiated — meaning the children are not victims of child abuse or neglect. Still, roughly 21 percent of those non-abused, non-neglected children are taken into state custody, according to the HHS.
Which shoudl tell you that a lot of these CPS agents wouldn't know the difference between child abuse and a hole in the ground.

The second article contained this paragraph.
 “You can close your case, he’s adopted,” Cross said with a smile.
Which of course suggests that they do enjoy taking kids away.  :)

And of course now that I publish this post, I come across a 3rd article to add to it.
A Hancock County woman claims a Mississippi DHS caseworker forged records to take her child away. The caseworker had been arrested four times on multiple charges in two states before working for MDHS. 
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