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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Case of infant’s missing brain in Newfoundland to be reviewed by N.S. medical examiner

Eight months after a Labrador murder case fell apart because the infant victim’s brain went missing, the provincial government has called in Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Examiner to investigate what happened.

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  1. August 3, 2016

    Dear Premier Rachel Notley and Minister of Justice, Kathleen Ganely:

    �� This is also what happened in my daughter, Samantha Martin's case in Alberta. In the midst of Samantha's fatality inquiry, it was announced that her brain was discarded. I was devastated. Key forensic witnesses would no longer be required as epilepsy causing death could not be definitively proved without the organ. Samantha was directed to medical professionals for intervention of seizures but the information was not disclosed to us, legal guardians. The medical placement refused to acknowledge seizures were occurring, divulge concerns to us nor take Samantha to physician and the caseworker - now acting in Inter-Provincial Child Welfare Records - assigned knew but neglected follow-up.

    The Office of the Medical Examiner/Alberta Justice previously led under PC Management needs to be investigated. We have gathered thousands of signatures - both paper and electronic copies - supportive of initiative.


    Velvet Martin,
    Founder of Samantha's Law
    Spokesperson for Protecting Canadian Children


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