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Friday, July 08, 2016

Foster carers facing allegations of abuse 'need better support'

Note: This is one assholes opinion.

New research finds that foster carers who have faced unproven allegations of abuse from the children they are looking after often have little support afterwards.

Foster carers facing allegations of abuse 'need better support'

If you get into bed with the devil, you will suffer the consequences sooner or later.  Remember that.

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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Bull shit the real parents are fighting to get somthing. Foster parents are brodcasted add all over where is the familys pertection brodcast we cant get help under the funding we get chargde you get paid we loose child you get pertection we say no to a choice you cry where cousing mental stress. Dam these children most dont have right becase you feel for them ass thair should not be foster. If parent is trying to get help here this is my child i did mot beat. Her i did not. Rape her i need you all to back off so i can teach her in my ways. If thair is true abuse then family fist then friend then foster get lost yellow belly


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