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Monday, March 28, 2016

A Foster Mom Who Stalks The Facebook Pages of Real Parents

In the modern age, the internet has us all connected and people are putting too much private and personal information out there on social media accounts.  Now, thanks to a dear friend who brought this to my attention, we see even more of the harm that can come from this.

That said, I have warned time and time again against discussing the private details of your case on Facebook because it is likely that you will be retaliated against by CPS or the court.  In fact, the practice of lawyers checking the Facebook posts of the opposition for dirt has become quite common.  I've also seen this happen back in the Yahoo Groups days, when that was the big thing, but now, (and yes it's time to pick on a foster parent blog) we see that not only will CPS Agents and the lawyers stalk you, but the foster parents will too.
Okay, I admit it- I have totally Facebook stalked the parents of my foster children and/or the birthmother and birthfather of two of my children who I am not Facebook friends with.  (Please tell me I'm not the only foster parent out there who does this!) 
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What is the harm from this?  Well, it enables the foster parents to formulate an opinion about you.  When that happens, they'll think that it's there job to interfere with your reunification efforts, like in the recent Lexi case.  "How can CPS give this wonderful child back to that horrible bio-family when they have me to take care of them?"  A foster parent who falls in love with your child can be a very difficult obstacle to overcome.

Now it is true that this foster care provider sugar coats it by saying that she does it so she can share baby pictures with the real parents, but I'm sure her motivations are much more invasive.  Perhaps it's simply a part of her emotional justification process or perhaps it's a part of her overall scheme to undermined your reunification efforts.  Who knows?

But now we're onto her.  

So there.

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