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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Adoption Mythology and Pathetic-ism

I feel compelled to direct your attention to one of the 10,000 most pathetic articles I have ever come across.  It is about a photographer who is taking pictures of foster kids for what is called a heart gallery.  This is where they will display happy bubbly photo's of kids who are available on the Illinois adoption market.  
“Everyone knows about the other two types of adoption, you can adopt an infant from an agency and you can adopt from overseas, but no one knows about the third type of adoption, which is adoption from foster care,” McConnell says.
It is one of those heart warming, feel good articles that will sucker some emotion junky wanna be mom into looking into the foster to adoption industry for your child of her own to have and to hug and to hold and to call George.

This article does not dispel myths about adoption but rather creates one.  The myth that articles like this create is the happily ever after adoption story.  It promotes the theory that you can love a child's emotional baggage and damage that they suffered while in care away or with a little patience and nurturing, the child will learn to love you and forget that they ever had a real family.
“Of all the children we’ve had in our home, with a little discipline and a lot of love, they just blossom,” Carolyne said.
It does not mention parents or families who are struggling.  It does not mention the very real challenges that adoption from foster care customers face with these kids.  Here's the link so that you can see it for yourself.

Hold on to your lunch.
Photographer Putting Faces To Illinois Foster Kids

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  1. No concerns about how these kids came to foster"care" to begin with?? They mentioned there's no cost to adopt from foster"care"? No, actually there are financial incentives to adopt.


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