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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Insider: New DCS agency is falling back to old CPS ways

Insider: New DCS agency is falling back to old CPS ways

About six months after Arizonans learned that the state Child Protective Services had failed to investigate more than 6,500 cases of child abuse and neglect, a new agency was created by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the state Legislature.

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  1. feb 6, 2014 my 'special needs' daughter was LEGALLY KIDNAPPED from me-her 58yr old mother in a wheel chair and still in their custody to this date after i was found innocent in their juvenile court system!! WHAT REFORM, Gov brewer?? WHAT CHANGE mr charles flannery?!! wheelchair or not I AM her mother not a monster! I WANT MY DAUGHTER RETURNED TO HER LOVING HOME where she never should have been removed from to be laced for 4 months in a spanish speaking only home removed to a different city 1 1/2 hours away the worst thing you can do to a special needs child is sudden change & because she doesnt speak no one could take a moment to explain to her what was happening until my first visit 3 weeks later-what happened to their mission statement about protecting our children physically, mentally & emotionally? they harmed my child & continue to do so0 with every day we are separated!


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