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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Officials: Cost of new DCF social workers won't hurt other programs

Officials: Cost of new DCF social workers won't hurt other programs

State officials Thursday provided more details on how the governor plans to pay for an additional 18 social workers at the Department for Children and Families.

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  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I know in Mass. It has already cut programs.One in particular. Across the street from Boston Medical ,that I always looked upon as the best hospital around. Well not anymore. My granson was born there last Jan 6, 2014. He is beautiful. She broke her water, and it took us about an hour to get there. A day before his due date and my birthday. He weighed 9 plds. 4 ozd, long story short, most of these woman are on methadone. This hospital provides them with it,through a clinic ,and its even free. When St.Margarets was open a catholic high risk hospital,and all they did was deliver babies.I was born there, my two daughters ,and then it closed. Leaving woman with only Boston Hospitals. BMC, WAS AND STILL IS THE CLOSEST. So is the Castholic church involved. The picture at the top on Mass. Mothers . Call to action
    The preist in the picture was hiding when I ran over to look from asylum for my grandaughter. He hid, I could hear him,the Sec. Told me he was there, I ran over to tell my daughter. When I went back she said she thought he was there. Pastor Smith, had passed away a couple of years before, they don't really know what happened,they found him dead. The priest who batised my two grandchildren, was put her, y the Vadican while they decided in Ca. If he was guilty of Malestion. Makes me feel real good. Does anyone from California recognise him from Ca.A friend of mine told me that he read the stoy in the New York timees


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