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Monday, March 31, 2014

DCF in Denial Over Its Failed Policy

DCF in Denial Over Its Failed Policy

"Innocents Lost," a stunning Miami Herald series, recently described how 477 children died from abuse or neglect even though the Florida Department of Children and Families had already been warned they were in danger.

Note: You really need to pay attention to the wording in this article, as it demonstrates the kind of bullshit they like to fill the heads of normal people with.  

For example the 2nd paragraph reads: 
The response by Gov. Rick Scott and DCF interim Secretary Esther Jacobo has been disappointing, according to The Palm Beach Post. Neither plans to change DCF's priority, which has been keeping families intact rather than keeping children safe, thePost says.
What they fail to tell you is that children are no better off in foster care than they are in an abusive home.

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  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    I know first hand that the state of florida does not care about the wellbeing of the child. my son and his sister were removed from my ex-husband and his wife July 17, 2009, as I had been fighting since December of 2008 to get help for myself for depression and the state refused me help March 31, 2009 my two youngest were removed from my care because I was on the verge of suicide could barely get out of bed therefore with that open case they could not place my other two children in my care. I had intensive therapy moved to Michigan where I continued to fight for my children, but the state chose to put my oldest son back in the home with the woman who had beat the heck out of his sister, later after she plead guilty to the third degree felony child abuse she violated her probation by dropping dirty on a drug screen. once she was out of jail the state and KCI still placed my son back in her care even though I was doing much better metally the state of Michigan was fighting for me, and I have retained custody of my now two year old. There had been nothing but good to say I had went above and beyond what was asked of me. and the state still refused to place my son in my home. the state also told me that since my daughters father had signed his parental rights off on her that I could either sign my rights as well or they would take my rights anyway, I did sign my rights but still speak to my daughter, she has come to an age now where she is asking a lot of questions and I do not want to lie to her one of the questions was "Mommy why didn't you get me back?" all I could tell her was what the state of florida had told one of the workers in Michigan "Even If the case plan is completed there was never any intention on giving Angela the children back" I am still continuing to fight the state of florida and have resorted to having to have a closed case (closed as of june 2013) re opened and finding a Lawyer willing to fight the state over all the illegal things that were done in the case as well. The abusers mother works for the sherriff's department in dispatch in that county, and has numerous family members that are lawyers, judges, county seats as well, so I believe in my heart that the county and state had pulled strings to place my son back in this womans care. I myself have made mistakes I take full responsibility for the mistakes I have made... I will not blame anyone but myself for my mistakes, but find it amazing that the state will look at this woman and say ok you admitted to the abuse and we are giving you the child back, and then she claims that she only plead guilty to get her husband off the charges. the problem with that is I believe my daughters words over the woman blaming someone else anyday. this woman has beat my daughter and violated probation by using drugs and the state still chooses to place my son in her care. Best interest of the child I think not.


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