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Sunday, October 06, 2013

Failed adoptions stir outrage; reforms are elusive

Failed adoptions stir outrage; reforms are elusive

Half a world away from her birthplace in Ethiopia, teenager Hana Williams died on a rainy night in the backyard of what a prosecutor called a "house of horrors" — the rural home of her adoptive family in Washington state.

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  1. All the while the UK gov are doing everything they can to make adoptions quicker easier less stressful etc. Compleatly overlooking the fact that the process was long and detailed one for a very good reason!! People should not be encouraged to adopt a child on a whim..personally I think anyone put off adopting because of how long laboureous the process can be are most likey just an adoption breakdown waiting to happen why does the uk seem to support the govs decision to enable this??! I just dont know!


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