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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Adoptive Parents of "Antichrist" Accused of Child Neglect

Adoptive Parents of "Antichrist" Accused of Child Neglect

In a controversial case that has already received wide publicity, a Minnesota couple have been charged  with multiple counts of neglect and malicious punishment relating to their adopted eight-year old son.   44-year old Russel and Mona Hauer of North Mankato have been accused of systematically starving their child (who can not be named since he is a minor) and subjecting him to frequent abuse including accusing him of stealing food, giving him only liquid to drink, and placing an alarm on his bedroom door to keep him from stealing food.  Prosecutors have also accused them of beating the child with a broom handle and making him sleep in the basement because he wet his bed and that he had been treated as the "Antichrist" of the family.

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