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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Torn from parents for no good reason, Alive, September 2011

Torn from parents for no good reason, Alive, September 2011

Journalist Charles Booker argues that many of the some 800 children taken into care in the UK every month are torn from their parents for no good reason. He referred to two cases.

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    The Local Authority’s do not seem to care how much it costs the taxpayers to remove children from parents, in some cases unnecessary, with very limited or misleading evidence to support such drastic action.

    To highlight this scenario, Coventry City Council were ordered to pay the parents legal bill, costing over £1oo,000 after the unsuccessful attempt by Social Services to remove the children, after the Mother had been diagnosed with a Personality disorder MSBP.

    The Pediatrician made this diagnosis without ever seeing the parents or children,and is not adequately qualified to make such a diagnosis.

    The length Social Workers will go to steal our children, as the Coventry case Highlights at the taxpayers expense,and the Solicitors also go along with the plan in some cases to make their gratification, money, large amounts of it, one of our cases has been going on for nearly 3 years, the parents are now litigant in person.


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