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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CASA Puppets Roll Out A New Marketing Campaign

Suckers and Stooges wanted!

CASA rolls out 'I Am For the Child' campaign

CASA puppets are "for the child."

Note: Bullshit.

They are for the child who has been taken away from his parents for his own safety.

They are total stooges for the agencies.

They are for the child who is in her fifth, sixth, or seventh foster home.

Yet they do nothing about it.

They are for the child who has never been told he is loved, or smart, or strong.

They don't live up to the self-serving hype.

They are for the child who believes in her heart that no one cares.

And they don't do a thing about it because they spend too much time listing to the lies of the CPS Agents and playing God with the lives of vulnerable children.

I'm sorry about having to bring this to your attention. I know that article's like this are offensive to a lot of my readers. But I must point out that CASA is putting forth a new marketing campaign, giving them another opportunity to preach the heart warming, system suck bullshit that so many normal people fall for.

What really creeps me out about the whole thing is that judges actually give these gullible people a say in CPS cases, when they are nothing but total stooges for the agencies, work for free, haven't had an independent thought since Kindergarten, and go into it with the total personal bias that has been shaped by what they've been sold, via the massive amounts of child abuse propaganda that is sent over the airwaves while making them all look like heroes at the same time.

It's a sad sad world that we live in.

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