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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm going to be exposed on the John Doe Talk Show.

I think that it's just a part of the reality of being a blogger. Every now and then you attract the attention of a nut...

So a while back, this guy adds me to his Facebook group, accuses me of being in with a group called AXJ then deletes me a little while later. No big deal. Just another internet blow-hard tooting his horn.

Well the other day this same guy joins my Facebook Group and starts waging his little war against the groups AXJ and Fathers 4 Justice there. He was asked to stop by one member, then asked to stop by me. I was then told to go f*** myself, and accused of bla bla bla. Those messages of course somehow mysteriously disappeared from the feed when this guy quit the group and starts private messaging me on FB right after, demanding that I answer his questions, many of which are complete and utter bullshit from somebody who is simply looking for a fight.

  • John Anderson
    • Your ignorance just earned a spot on my show. You have no right to treat my like that because im different. Your website is exposed as ran by ignorance. I screen shot your dumb comments and am also copying thes email to show people your no respect. does it pay to treat peoplle like crap???
  • 23 minutes ago
    Legally Kidnapped
  • 22 minutes ago
    John Anderson
    • Dont worry will do, Just google john aster and see how well we did exposing him.
    • got more than your link, but friends list also. Thanks a bunch.
    • working to expose the groups that also fail families,
    • you are a failure.
    • I got a guy named Jim increased visits. and a day pass with his daughter at the zoo, what do you do?
    • other than try to sound and look cool when your far from.
    • You got a problem with keeping the people informed of corrupt organizations, why is that????? why do you say you fight for change when you do nothing of the sort, just copy other peoples stuff, and make the dumbest cartoons.
  • 20 minutes ago
    John Anderson
    • I can see your copy right infringing also on your site.
    • Answer please, I am recording this chat on video for the show. no comment will leave you hanging.
  • 18 minutes ago
    Legally Kidnapped
    • Hi everybody.
  • 18 minutes ago
    John Anderson
    • why are you not aiding the people in a constructive manner?
    • why cant you be a true leader for the people????
    • why do you find fighting for childrens rights funny????
    • do you think its funny that children get abused????
    • why do you treat people like shit in groups that sre trying to do what they know to help keep the people aware???
    • why are you also protecting a convicted pedophile named John Aster????
    • Why are you housing members of AXJ on your site???
    • Why do you only care for certain people, but otheres you dislike, you treat like shit?????
    • Looks like your avoiding the questions, if your into helping families, please answer the questions the people would liek to be assured that your safe for the people to have a voice.... are you that safe voice that the people need, r u safe for the children???
    • Enjoy big mouth, keep watch here, this is where your show will be first b4 it gets viral.
  • 9 minutes ago
    John Anderson
    • big mouth.
  • 9 minutes ago
    Legally Kidnapped
    • I'm just a blogger doing my thing John, good luck with your show.
  • 8 minutes ago
    John Anderson
    • Get fucked..... God knows you could use it. well answer why youyr housing a convicted pedophile in your website and group???
    • legally kidnapped will be just like John Aster when googled. your mouth in that group just got you in a bit of a pickle. LMFAO. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND FAMILIES YOU SICK BASTARD.

Personally, I had nothing against this guy. I am simply flat out refusing to engage in any of the flame wars on Facebook, especially with psycho's. I don't really have time for it, and have better things to do.

I also have a lot of friends on my list and most of them just do their own thing. I don't pay much attention to it. Nor do I actually police, judge or socialize with 3400 people. Most of them, I assume, just check out the blog every now and then or follow the headlines.

They are free to do so or free not to do so.


  1. Hey legally kidnapped, I love your blog, and the work you do exposing the child protection industry, don't worry I for one am right behind you all the way.

  2. Ewww. Another nasty "Gonna be king of the Universe" guy.

    It's not like he is the first or the last one to get a pompous swollen head.

    Flame Warriors is such an old, tired, worn out thing- There's even a web site to help you identify them-

  3. Monique6:25 PM

    Legally Kidnapped, you keep doing what you're doing and never mind stupid ass people like "Mr. John Anderson". He's obviously has NO CLUE about what you stand for, what you do or how many people need and appreciate you. Keep on fighting, helping and inspiring people like me and many others WORLDWIDE!


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