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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gabriel To Remain In Oregon, DHS Says

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Gabriel Allred's grandmother flew to Oregon to participate in custody mediation talks.

DHS says an agreement was reached in the mediation between Gabriel Allred's grandmother and his foster parents.

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  1. Foster parents know the risks going into this. Yes they become attatched. But there is always the risk the child will be returned to his familiy. I feel bad for you..but the child belongs with family.

    We hear this all the time in court proceedings in Washington State ,by everyone from the social workers to the casa. The child is bonded to these foster parents. Still, children belong with their families, not adopted to non familial persons, if such familiy members are willing to take on this task, as the grandmother appears to be.

    I feel bad for the foster parents. Think how bad the families feel when the state essentially kills their family by terminating their rights. Let the child go home to be with his real family..I hope this does not turn into another Emillio Gomez story like years ago in Florida.

    CC Tilett
    Washington Families United


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