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Friday, September 28, 2007

Only on CBS 21: Children and Youth Changes

Only on CBS 21: Children and Youth Changes

It's supposed to protect Pennsylvania's most vulnerable, our children. But, as our CBS 21 investigation into the child welfare system continues we uncover disturbing details into what's going on with the agency that could come knocking on your door.

"The majority of the testimony centered around what our report found months ago, kids torn from their families for no real reason."

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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Wow I Really can not believe this if it came from one person but instead this all came from diffrent people now my situation is really unique to everyone elses my ex wife and I divorced she lied and said I beat her and my son BTW my son is only 6 years old I would never do something like that but anyways I proved that she was a liar in the courts and I was awarded full sole legal custody of my son and my step daughter went with her father and grandmother because I showed the court that she is unstable and if she believes it or not but she says nothing but lies which really is not good for the children she is mentally unstable so she decided to call bucks county children and youth on me and I was assigned a case worker I dont really remember her name but the case worker says she is going to close the case which she did I got a letter from the worker saying the case is closed but more and more reports start to come in so I get worried and tell them these are calls that make no sense so a supervisor calls me and states that they will be filing to remove my son from me because of sexual abuse iam already like WTF! you need to prove this she said no they only need to think its true and thats that! they remove my son and the witch hunt starts Mr. Brad Jackman starts to get all types of court orders so I can stay away from my son ect ect but the thing is there has to be some type of scheme going on here I mean they can just remove kids from there homes and not have basis but what someone calls in and says thanks to lisa gardner, ariel abrams, may scholay, and others they put my son threw so much took me a whole year and 4 months to get him back just so it can be found that it was all untrue and the judge was pretty upset at how many lies were uncovered how they offered my sons mom money and housing assistance and to get my son back to her if she lied about me on the stage and how they altered documents to make me look bad which BTW they did my sons birth certificate saying there is no father PFA from other states saying that I should not have him because I am a danger and the previouse pfa shows that I never been to new york WTF someone with a similar name not even the same name they make me sick something should happen to these people


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