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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Florida foster parent charged in death of toddler weeks away from adoption

A woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of a 17-month-old toddler in Riverview, according to court records and media reports Tuesday.

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  1. Billings Montana--//MNA Press//-- As promised the Montana News has come out with yet another article in the bizarre case of Benette Johnson’s fight for her children against Roger and Kathleen Bernhardt and Eric Johnson. According to insider sources at the DPPHS office located on 4th Avenue North, the most recent case worker to review allegations made by the children against Roger and Kathleen Bernhardt, and Eric Johnson didn’t really do an investigation at all.

    The allegations were that there has been physical abuse and the oldest child in particular does not want to see Eric Johnson who is NOT the child's father nor does she want to see the Bernhardts.

    The case worker, Shelby, was overheard interviewing the children in her office, asking them if they loved and missed Eric or the Bernhardts. What ShelbyG G. should have asked and failed to do was whether or not the things that were alledged happened according to the child she was speaking with.

    For example to ask the child, “Did Kathleen actually tell you to not wear underwear to bed?” followed up by, “How did that make you feel?” or, “Do you sleep in your own bed or with your father?” would have been questions to consider.

    Apparently CPS does not actually do any fact-checking to make a determination in the best interest of a child.

    Rather, children are interviewed by case workers who are not licensed as counselors, so that the case worker can get whatever answer she wants. In this particular instance, Shelby G. talked to the three children for about three minutes each according to a CPS Insider source for the Montana News who will remain anonymous for their protection of their job status..

    Montana News has acquired a copy of a letter written to Benette Johnson, from CPS worker Shelby G.

    Amazingly, it states that the children did not corroborate the allegations of abuse. Yet according to the Montana News insider source at CPS, no questions about the facts of the allegations were even asked. The letter ended with a threat against the children’s mother, Benette Johnson, that CPS would take action against her if she reported any further signs of abuse that could not be factually substantiated. Let’s go through the letter bit by bit.

    In the first paragraph, “…...the allegations against (the other parties) as well as yourself have been found to be unsubstantiated….” allegations against Benette? Benette wasn’t asked about any allegations against her in that office according to our CPS source. “…..You believe it would be in the best interest of the children if a CPS case be opened, however the department does not have enough evidence….”

    So the Montana News was to point out that Shelby G. from CPS is a bold LIER. Here is a List below og some of the evidence that CPS has, but is ignoring:

    1.) a video of an assault on Benette by her adoptive father and brother

    2.) information about Narcissitic Personality Disorder also explained by Benette to the courts

    3.) reports made by a counselor and other people the girls have talked to

    4.) a few papers of the case documentation most importantly the first filing made by the Bernhardts

    5.) a forensic interview made by one of the girls

    6.) a copy of Benette Johnson’s psychological evaluation. Which shows she is mentally competent and has NO mental illness as Roger, and Kathleen like to claim so as to legitimize their attendance in the group they attend called Nami.

    The Montana News will go into the documents and videos later article, so keep checking back for further articles.

    Paragraph 2 of the letter, “...the most common thing that I found was they enjoy spending time with their father, their grandparents, and,…the children love their dad and grandparents, and would like to have a relationship with everyone… These children should not...need to choose sides...”

    Let’s break this down.
    To see rest of article go to:


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