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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Smart Money: DHHS and its significant challenges

In January of 2011, DHHS was bragging about their National Model Child Welfare System due to all of the reforms made after the death of Logan Marr. In 10 years, the state had cut the number of foster kids in half. In June of 2012, Eathen Henderson was thrown into a chair by his former foster child father and died. Since then the rhetoric has changed dramatically.

I just now came across this very disturbing article that sums up the new agenda under CPS Lover LePage administration in a single .

I am going to suggest that anybody from Maine take a serious look at this article. Towards the bottom, there is a statement made in regards to Maine's Child Welfare / Foster Care system. In essence, this article is advocating for taking babies at younger ages because they are more marketable, and more likely to be adopted. Not because it's what is best for the child.

The Smart Money: DHHS and its significant challenges

Gov. Paul LePage's proposed 2013-14 budget was received and will be given proper scrutiny, but the truth is that the final budget that passes the Legislature is unlikely to look anything like the document LePage and his chief economic adviser, Sawitt Miller, sent to the Statehouse on January 11.

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