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Monday, July 19, 2010

Gypsy Grandfather Says Abducted Girl was Loved

Gypsy Grandfather Says Abducted Girl was Loved

A family member of a 7-year-old girl who was snatched from California in 2003 and found in Phoenix is speaking out.

Note: I'm sure she is loved. Most stolen children are.

Abducted girl was loved, says man who raised her


  1. My infant son was just removed from my custody due to a accident were where in the hospital and it was 3 am my son was very fussy that whole night I called in a nurse I told her he is very fussy she took him sat in the rocking chair for about 40 minutes he finally settled down. I was so very the nurse could see that.I was laying in the hospital bed when the nurse handed him back to me. My son had settled down but he was still not sleeping so the nurse told me to hold him for a little while longer before I put him back in his bassinet. I ended up falling a sleep with him in my arms it was now around 3:50am he ended up falling out of my arms and off the bed. My son ended up having a small bump on his head and when they took ex rays they said he had a minor hair line fracture. I was so guilty I obviously feel like the worst mother in the world but it was a complete accident. The hospital reported the insidend n dcyf took my baby!!!!! This is insane I haven't had a hearing yet I have my own place a vehicle everything my child needs I been there since day one went to every prenatal appointment when I was pregnant with him. Don't touch drugs or drink for that matter how can they do this I'm being treated as I beat my baby or I'm some herion addicted doing drugs with my baby!!!! I feel like my baby has been kidnapped they didn't even try to let him. Go home with family there excuse was because my family lives in Massachusetts its one town over!!!!! What is going to happen I have no answers I don't feel my son should be with complete strangers!!!

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